Regarding Impromptu Moments

When you just walking around, you are not “just” walking because whether you realize it or not, you have such particular purpose while walking. The aim could be “just” strolling around, searching new point of view, exercising, recalling something or even hoping for an impromptu moment.

Impromptu is something alluring yet unpredictable, and that’s the fun part. You are hoping an impromptu occasion but have no idea what will be happen; and if it happened, you still do not have any idea what is going to be go on.

It’s not because I always like the impromptu moment. On contrary I enjoy when I think whether it is an impromptu occasion or not. I’m the planner one. I enjoy while achieving my goals by the mechanism. I have a specific expectation before. I do revel in to evaluate what adjustment I need to imply in future to enhance my achievement.

But later on, I learn something just happened as it is. You can plan as rigid and tidy as you can but in subconsciously you also “arrange” an impromptu moment. And voila you consumed in it.

I give some examples, you turn to wrong intersection, you keep your walk straight so that you just rotate the same route, you stumbling and losing your concentration (or vice versa), the wind blow up your hair and ruin your appearance, or even you meet someone who you never expected before. The new pals can be your counterpart, your future lover or even your foe. But again all of it is out of your expectation. You just have to admit that it is impromptu moment.

However, here’s the good news, while you are facing the impromptu moment you are not alone. Everybody also face the same situation and trying to snap it hardly! You are not alone in your conscious mind because there’s your unconsciousness that crawling into your mind, heart and soul to make your selfish conscious surrender only by one deep breath. And another crucial part is this impromptu moment will go through, because time is the real villain. The time will shape up your fragile mind so that you might conform with the impromptu effect or even prepare for the next impromptu steps. Thank God!

Nov, 6, 2016