Life has its own attraction and also repulsion

Life has its own attraction and also repulsion. You may facing ups and down, back and forth, swearing and swearing more. You think you can trust one person and lean on her/him but suddenly you have to face the other side of truth. You think that you have chose the best way to encourage yourself and others so that everybody will get equal opportunity but actually you just self-sacrifice and others abruptly feel discourage due to your action. You can not mitigate the bad fortune as well as you can resist a new path coming. When you think that there’s no point to make a plan because you have no power to control your plan, your heart betrayed your mind andΒ  hope that your dream comes true, but when it doesn’t, your become so much upset.

Well, human being is so much has twisted personalities and you will not believe how the twisted logic and heart capture the human consciousness and turn you as “galau” person. I feel bad for that, and for my self when it occur to me, but what else I can say (and do)?

Usually I just take a deep breath and recounting my bless and my purpose here in this uneasy world. I do really really barely crying (well I do not know why even I know something is worth it to be cried on), but when the ideal jobs, hope of spouse, reasoning modalities, experience background facing to the fact right in front of your eyes that different at all with your first hypothesis , you suddenly lose your grab and have no idea where to put your step.

But that’s why it’s called life. It’s too late to change your mind, it’s too tired to swear all the way, it’s too unworthy to be grumpy. The best will come and the worst even hasn’t grip you yet. So be prepare and ready for the next challenge!

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